Game Over: Hong Kong Airlines Ends All Long-Haul Flights

Hong Kong Airlines will terminate all long-haul routes.

Hong Kong Airlines has announced it will end flights to Vancouver on February 12, 2020

  • This route used to run daily until it was reduced to its current thrice-weekly flight on an A350-900. However, the flight will now be cut completely.
  • Hong Kong Airlines previously announced it would end its Los Angeles route from February 8, 2020.
  • The airline ended its San Francisco route on October 4, 2019.
  • Of the three long-haul routes, Vancouver was cut last but Los Angeles will operate last.

The airline previously made adjustments to other destinations: Hong Kong Airlines Ends Los Angeles & Further Reduces Capacity

Hong Kong Airlines will still operate medium-haul routes to cities like Male, Denpasar, and Saipan.

Airlines haven’t been doing so well and it looks like Hong Kong Airlines is gradually deteriorating network-wise and financially.

Just three days ago, United Airlines announced it would further reduce its Hong Kong flights by reducing Newark from daily to 2-3 times weekly.



Yikes. Hopefully they recover


That’s not good, I fly to Hong Kong every year from Vancouver.

Considering the fact that they’re struggling to pay staff, I’m not too surprised. They never polished their premium cabin service to the point where they can actually command the yields they needed to make the long-haul flights viable.

They can get away with a somewhat subpar product in short haul with heavy discounts in the premium cabin, but that won’t work on Long Haul where expectations are a lot higher.



Wow I hope they can recover from this and opertate long haul again! They are a really good airline as well!

Well, i think this is the end of the line for Hong Kong Airlines…it’s hard for them to recover especially because of the protests that have been going on over there

Let’s see what the future holds

It’s disappointing to see this happen. From what I’ve heard, HK Airlines has a solid product on their A350s, so it’s sad to see them go. Best of luck, and hopefully they’re able to stay in business!

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This is terrible! They have such a great livery too

The protest are really bad for business

Got a few discrepancies:

According to this, the airline will be ending Vancouver on February 12, 2020.

So I guess they’re closing reservations but still operating the flight?..

You can read Chinese? :)

Google Translate :)

But I used to take lessons

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