Game Not Opening on Google Pixel 7

Device: Google Pixel 7
Operating system: Android 13 (security patch Jan 2023)

So I recently shifted from an old Xiaomi K20 Pro to a Google Pixel 7, since the old phone was getting slow and not able to provide enough GPU power.

But after installing infinite flight on my Pixel 7, the app opened the first time and was able to play the game. But, after that session when I went back to play the game it just did not want to go beyond the initial loading screen (screenshot attached). No matter how long I waited it was just stuck on that screen.

When this happened the first time, I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it. Again it opened the first time and stopped loading from the second attempt at the opening screen of the game. This time however I did not uninstall and instead went to the app details and force stopped it once, and then tried restarting the game but it got stuck in the loading screen again.
After that I changed the battery settings of the game and gave it unrestricted access and restarted the game. This time it went to the starting page but after few minutes a message notifying that the game has crashed started popping up, no matter how many times I clicked the “Wait for the app to respond” it still kept popping up. Then after closing the game it went back to the original problem of never being to load up, again!

Please anybody in the community/dev team who is aware of this issue or faced it and is aware of some solutions, request your help in resolving this issue.

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This problem can be pretty easy to solve,the first one being a restart of your device.

Another method could be to clear Infinite Flight’s cache via settings.

Long press on the app icon → More Info → Storage → Clear Cache

If problems still persist, the last suggested move would be to uninstall and reinstall Infinite Flight.

please note that your device must be 64bit to be compatible with Infinite Flight.

The pixel 7 has the Tensor G2, which is a 64bit SoC so there should be no problem there

And the Android 13 install should be 64bit as well since I believe there are no more 32bit builds of Android since 12 stopped with them

TL;DR the device of theirs should be compatible with the latest of what IF has to offer

Rather shockingly, the Pixel 7 is the first Android device to get rid of 32-bit OS and App support entirely.

The Pixel 7 should be compatible.

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