Game Not Loading

I’ve tried to fly from MEX-LAX and from ICN-MEX(which I just tried to land), but none of the scenery loaded in for both flights. 18 hours down the drain. Does anyone know what’s going on?

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Clear your scenery cache see if that works

I already did that after “landing” from my MEX-LAX flight which was yesterday

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Hey are you tried to clear the scenery cache ?

Is it still doing it right now? If you load into a flight does the issue still occur?

Well, when I load in it’s fine. It’s when I fly somewhere

ANd also after landing yesterday at LAX, my game crashed and all my settings reset

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Have you tried deleting the game and reinstalling it?

Wait. I think I know what. I only have 0.2 gb left of storage in my iPad

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I’ve had that little before on my phone it works fine but delete some replay files and stuff like that

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