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Once again, my game is not loading despite I’ve checked my 4g which I use to see if there’s any problems but for some reason it’s working without a issue in everything else. I want answers to why after 3 weeks since 20.1 came out I’m STILL HAVING PROBLEMS

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Have u tried using wifi?

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The WiFi is awful in my room and it disconnects when I try to play with WiFi every 10 minutes

I recommend doing a system reboot and/or reinstall IF

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You may have 4G internet but that doesn’t mean it’s fast. Check how many mb your contract has. Download and Upload shouldn’t be too low.

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For the last 3 weeks I’ve deleted and reinstalled the game about 5 times

What problem are you actually having. People are throwing out answers without asking the obvious question. What “problem” are you exactly having?

What Device do you have?
Have you tried rebooting?

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Well I’ve actually got it working again now, but often my game just takes forever loading, I have to restart a few times before I get it to work

Are you referring to loading as in when you first hit the icon on the home page or when you hit fly?

What device are you on?

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Yeah when i press fly it usually takes a long time before it loads especially online. I often check on solo first before trying again on multiplayer. I’m on a iPad mini 4 which I’ll admit it old but luckily I’m getting a newer one in a few weeks which will hopefully work better

Are you on WIFI or Cellular? If so, go to and report what your speed is.

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I’m using my 4g when I use it in my room because if I try to use the WiFi there it disconnects from multiplayer every 5 minutes

You may be connected to 4g but you may have a slow speed. will tell you.

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Cheers thanks for your help

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