Game not connecting to live server


My game hasnt been connecting to the live server. I have 4 bars of internet connection. All of the other system statuses are green besides the Live server connection


I assume the issue is that I don’t have cellular data but I was just wondering if it might be something else

Did you leave the sim while you were flying?

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no its been like this from the very beginning of the flight

Ok then i can’t think of anything else

Hey, I know you’re in the middle of the flight, but you may have to restart your device or router.

I’ll deal with it for now, I gotta finish this flight for my VA real hard work goin on here. Then I’ll restart my stuff :)

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You can toggle airplane mode on and off. Sometimes this will force the connection to reset.

Sometimes you can minimize the app (as long as you are not talking to ATC) and restore it and see if it reconnects. Sometimes it does.

In some cases it may be your network or IF related in which nothing can be done on your side.

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my connection is better now after i restarted the app but in the case that i’m entertaining an active airspace with these connection issues what should I do?

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Prolly leave the flight but if it’s been stable you should be fine Chrissy Tian

whos chrissy my names alex

If you enter an active airspace with ATC and you lose connection, change your call sign to NORDO. This’ll help ATC.