Game not behaving

I wanted to do a flight from San Fransisco to Vancouver, and none of the other aircraft wanted to load in, and when one did it looked like this…

I’m the Delta 787
And after takeoff I was at about 7000ft and my game crashed, just want to know what the cause of this can be, thanks. 👍


Is this issue a one-time encounter/experience or do you commonly experience/encounter this?


Is your Airplane Count on “High?”
Have you tried restarting the app?

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Hello @Franna,

This is an issue amongst many Infinite Flyers.
Some ways to fix this would be making sure all other apps are closed, your aeroplane count is high, regularly deleting records making sure you have a suitable amount of storage on your device to run the game, regularly restarting the app etc.

Hope this helps,



Thanks, will try that

@Franna I’ve noticed something,

If you look at the name tag the A380, you’ll notice that its orange in color. This color happens when the user is experiencing connection problems.

Does this happen many times, or just the once? If just this time, it could be a problem with the rendering of the users aircraft due to connectivity problems, with the issue not actually being from your side.


@Franna if you take a look at the topic below this user had the same issue. Just restart the game and the issue should be gone :)


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