Game no longer supported on my Android 12, 2 year old Motorola phone

I’ve tried to update the game today and found that Google play says my phone is no longer supported.

It’s a Motorola G60s, Android 12, roughly 2 years old.
Any help is appreciated,

A strange misfortune, since this is not entirely true. This mysterious and strange problem is already known. I’ve been struggling with this for a while. What I can tell you is that you keep watching this. In the Beta cycle, I already waited for about 5 days after launch until this warning was reversed out of nowhere and I was able to download the update. I also use a Motorola G60s and am waiting for the latest 24.1 update.

Oh okay thanks. I’ve had exactly the same as you previously. Out of nowhere it’s fine and will be alright.
Though I am thinking of possibly upgrading to a newer Samsung as this G60s has lasted terribly.

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Hey @dpjaviation! As I said, it’s a strange issue that makes IF unavailable for the Motorola G60s for a few days. Version 24.1.1 (7342) has now arrived for me, I just downloaded it. Check yours. If it hasn’t arrived yet, it should arrive any moment.
@Cameron 👆🏻

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Oh okay thank you. I actually decided it was a good opportunity to upgrade my phone to the Google Pixel 7a as I had several other unrelated issues with the phone.

Thanks for your help anyway.

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Mauricio is tracking this in another thread with Cameron. OP upgraded to a new device. Congrats on the new phone, hope it gives good service and good fun!