Game No longer Available in My Area

Infinite Flight began giving me issues after i wished to renew my subscription after i got a new phone. It did not allow me to pay for subscriptions. I came here previously in an attempt to resolve the issue but nothing suggested worked. I eventually deleted the app and decided to reinstall it in an effort to resolve the issue but i have realised that it is no longer on the play store.

I live in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a country in the Caribbean. I’m guessing that this is a location based issue but I would really like it resolved as i am an airport editor as well. So in addition to just wanting to fly, I use the app to inspect airports throughout the Caribbean for issues

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Have you tried using a VPN? Free ones may be rather slow, but better than nothing I suppose?

I have but I will try once more

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Have there been any recent changes in Play Store in terms of paid apps availability in your region?

Hey! Is there a possibility that you have a filter/setting enabled to hide paid applications and block purchases?

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