Game language selection

As a person who uses other languages and is not good at English, the full English interface makes us play harder and unable to fully understand the meaning. Is it possible to add more language choices?😄


Agree, I think it would be possible

If you want certain interface localization, you are more than welcome to request so under #features

One thing that most likely never will be localized however, is ATC communications and most likely the in-flight interface :)

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Air control voice can be in English, mainly interface language 😅

Would they not add like ATC selectable voices in common languages such as French and Spanish for those who don’t speak english because on the forum there is a dedicated section for those?

It doesn’t work like that. We’d have to have an in-game translator for that and that would simply not be feasible. Additionally, English is the primary language used within aviation. Especially in communications.

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Yes. Pilots all around the world normally speak English to ATC, no matter if they are British, French, Malaysian, Japanese, whatever.

Is interface language impossible?

Answered that already :)

And as also mentioned, create a topic in #features if you feel it’s something you’d like to have added :)

I think we don’t need another language in the simulator because English is the language of aviation

Actually, ICAO has six working languages; Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish.

I would love to see those languages on IF one day, although I’m certain it is unlikely.


Okay, makes sense

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