Game lags with 777 and 757

My game lags with all the 777s in IF and also the 757

Hi there,

This is most likely because the 777 and 757 are the two most newest, and highly detailed aircraft in the game (taking the most strain on the device to work/fly). To reduce the lag on your device, the best solution would be to lower the graphics. 🙂

What would be the best graphics because right now my game is on medium low and it still lags with the 777 and 757

The best settings would be accustomed to your device. I’d suggest having a play around and seeing what works best.

Other ways to help reduce strain on the device in flight can be:

  • Make sure all background tabs are closed

  • Restarting the app or device before a flight can help reset the pressure continuously put on by Infinite Flight and other apps

  • Some devices are able to ‘clear caches’ in storage and memory

the lag happens to me too but with all aircraft :(

@Captain_Amir350 may I ask what device you are currently using and how much storage do you have left?

One other tip to add on to what @Ecoops123 mentioned is to lower your aircraft count. Depending on your device age and condition, you are pushing the limits of your device. Lowering aircraft count to Low or None should make a noticeable difference.

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