Game lags when approaching Hubs

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So from 7th September my game started to lag tremendously when approaching hub airports. I tried to do all steps like reinstalling, clearing cache and restarting device. I lowered graphics and reduced A/c visibility to medium still no use.
Game lags only when approaching hub and not when departing from hub

Before 7th September :
Lag was no issue I could land at hub even when 20.1 was released with medium graphics and aircraft visibility to high with very little lag on short final

I use Mi A3 (Android 10), 4 GB RAM, 15 GB of storage left & I use IF assistant, IF operations as Third party Apps.

Thank you.


Possibly the RAM but I’m not sure.

Do you have Android battery saver enabled? If so, disable it.

Turn Anti Aliasing off in graphics settings.

Did you use any third-party apps before sept. 7?


Nah the RAM is fine.

That’s not a lot of storage left… try clearing some storage and see if that helps @Sierra_Golf

Yes I used @Andre_S I tried by not using it, but no use


@That_Mango I used to play on same device from March

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15GB is about 1500% more than we recommend.


I would recommend bringing this down to low or even none at busy airports.

It’s absouletly normal for your game to lag at extremely busy airports, and lowering aircraft count normally does the job.

If that doesn’t work, try these:

Turning Anti-Aliasing OFF
Limit Frame Rate CHECKED
Closing any third-part apps running
Lowering your graphics to Low

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I will try lowering it more sir @tunamkol but I tried flight today with no third party at EGLL but no use, same lag

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EGLL is EXTREMELY busy today, so even pretty new devices may experience lag. Wouldn’t get too concerned about it.

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Fair enough lol

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Is it only at busy airports?

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Yes sir, and that too only when approaching, and if I start from hub, game is smooth

I can have the same problem sometimes. Try changing your planes in live mode to low or none. To do that go to setting > live > airplane count. :)

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