Game lag issue

My game with 772 is lagging too much. Was not like this before!😭

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It’s because the servers are lagging a lot to everyone, don’t worry, in a few days it will be ok (i hope)


Its so laggy that I cant even land my aircraft!

It also lags in the solo server! Anyone?

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It is indeed very laggy, the server should be stable in a few days. :)

Why is it only with the 772 then?

I think so… I found the 772 super laggy and i’m doing a trans-atlantic in a 747 now and it’s fine. But when i switch to outside view rather thank cockpit view it just gets really laggy - so i think it’s more of a server issue rather than device…?

Mine is lagging as well when i use the 777. Will it really be fixed or is it time to upgrade my phone? It is an IPhone 7Plus 128gb with lots of storage left, but still my phone heats up and lags with certain aircrafts like the 777 and the A320-series

I have the same issue! Live cockpit aircrafts lag but after the update. Its just tooooo much of it

Guyssss we know it’s being really laggy - I’ve come across like 8000000+ topics like this in the last 24hrs - pleaseeee just let it be known that it’s a known issue and the developers are working on it! :)

With the way things are going it’ll be next month before the Hot fix Update for most IOS and android is here as the more we keep pushing for the hot fix to come out the later the developers release it.

@T2118AB My game is also lagging and even crashing on solo as well.
Is your game crashing or just lagging?
Does your game crash after you have added a SID to your flight plan?

No my game is just lagging like never before!

Yes, unfortunately the majority of IF users are experiencing these issues and the devs are currently working on a hotfix. Enjoy IF 20.1
Happy Flying!

I hope they are!

Yes it does.

@Alexander_kungu Have you installed the hotfix yet?

I have done but my cockpit is still lagging!

What device do you operate IF on?

Samsung galaxy Tab S6