Game kicking me and/or crashing itself constantly for no reason

This has been happening within the last week of flying. First, I was flying from PHOG to CYVR and I was switching to tower camera until it suddenly kicked me. Then today, I just had departed from OMDB heading for CYYZ, I was climbing, copying my flight plan into a google doc, until it happened again.

I have closed the app, reset cache and I am in the process of reinstallation.
If any of you can help it would be welcome.

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What device are you using and whats the os, storage

iPad 2018 gen (released this June), it has iOS 12.1, and I have used 43 of the 128 GB it has.

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Hello there!

Just to clarify, once you launch Infinite Flight you aren’t backing in and out of the app correct? Multitasking while you have Infinite Flight open might be the reasoning behind this. Once you launch IF we strongly recommend that you don’t back in and out of the app as it may cause various issues.


I think that’s it. I constantly open Notes, IF-A, Slack, etc.

Yeah just be careful. Typically, most of us will get our flightplan ready ahead of time and we just copy it from a host and then paste it in IF. So IF is pretty much open and not running in the background once we launch it.

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Constantly swapping over to apps can cause network issues with the game and also having multiple apps open can use your ram storage which can cause issues and make your game crash!

By the way, you should probably copy your flight plan before you even push back from the gate. This would also in turn prevent your game from crashing due to Multitasking.
Just a tip.

[edit: sorry for misreading your topic]

That’s exactly what I do


I do this on my computer btw

@PedroG If you could just go ahead and close all your apps and reboot your device. Once you are back on go ahead and launch Infinite Flight and do a short flight without backing in and out of the app. Also, you could enable Do Not Disturb while flying as well.


yeah nevermind

That’s okay, sometimes you may have to back out real quick but ensure you do this before you spawn and your connected to all the servers. While at the selection screens you should be fine leaving the app for a few seconds, the difference is once you have already spawned in and connected to weather, scenery, etc…

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@Levet this usually happens only in long flights. It has happened more than twice. I have done flights across the Atlantic (EGLL-CYYZ, EHAM-KJFK, etc.) that I could not complete due to switching to the tower view.

So the game only crashes once you try to activate the Tower camera view?

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Sometimes, like in the OMDB-CYYZ I was just flying, I was switching from the MAP+FPL camera

Do you have many apps open in the background? Maybe a screen recorder?

Anyway, you should probably try this now; I won’t send messages to flood your notifications anymore

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No, usually Slack, If-A, and IF

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Switching to Tower view while cruising is a known issue. I would honestly avoid this entirely while at cruise. The scenic camera view is a good one for cruise but Tower view I wouldn’t recommend to be honest.

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