Game keeps on crashing?

Whenever I play on Live, it lets me join the server but a few minutes later, it crashes me back to the homepage? I have an iPad mini 1 and that may be the problem, guess I have to start saving up for a newer iPad then. :(

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At this moment, servers are packed with users due to the 787 update hype. Your device probably can’t load all the airplanes/players in the region so it crashes. Have you tried to join the relief server, Training Server 2?

Yes, I have, but it still crashed when I was there also.

Have you tried decreasing your settings to its minimums?

Let me try that.

Yeah I decreased the settings, but it is lagging a lot…

What server did you load into?

Time to buy iPad pro.

I tried both, both were laggy too.

Yeah, time to start that gofundme page now :(

If that’s the case, then I would purchase a new device. :)

Work hard n compliment yourself:)

Yeah, I’m just gonna start saving money for it now. I’ll just take some screenshots in solo for the time being.

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