Game keeps freezing

When ever I fly my game keeps freezing. It doesn’t do it all the time but when it does it’s quite annoying because I could be landing or something

Are you on Android? What are your graphics settings and device?

No IOS and I-pad mini 3 (touch ID so I guess it’s new) and graphics are on high

Try all graphics on low, anti-aliasing off, hide the minimap and airplane count to low just to see the performance. If it’s better, then it’s just simply the power of your device!

Ok I’ll try that thanks for your help!

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Did the solution work?

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It’s a common issue affecting many people. Try the solutions but if not I would wait for a hotfix. It recently stopped for me so I would check that before hand.

FDS is aware and are working on an update, well as Laura stated, “Compiling an update”.