Game keeps crashing

For some reason when I start flying and play for 20-30 minutes my game crashes and iPad gets hot. Im on iPad 6th gen btw

Hello! what is your graphics settings?

When you fly the simulator, does your iPad have any protective case by any chance? if it has, that produces heat to the iPad on the back, which makes the iPad hot since it is made of aluminum materials

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Hey there!

First of all Iā€˜m sorry about this issue.

IPad 6th Gen. Is quite an old iPad so what I recommend is to reduce the graphics.

  • High count reduce?
  • Graphic?
  • Texture graphics?
  • Clear Cache?

What I definitely to check a topic is this one. Device Compatibility Thread 21.2 - Built By Us For You!

Made by @Kirito_77 :)

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Hello šŸ‘‹ and thanks for ur reply my settings are on medium and high and yes I do have a case on my iPad. I will try to lower my settings down and try again. I will report back in a day.

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and try to fly without the cover! that will help a lot

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Thanks a lot I will be giving that a try. Have a great day/night

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Thanks everything is working good now! šŸ™šŸ» Tysm

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Great! enjoy your flights!!!

Original poster removed protective cover and lowered graphics settings.