Game Keeps Crashing

Hello IFC! Unfortunately my game keeps crashing. It happened when VNAV started it’s decent. So is there any tips to help fix this problem? Thanks, Brady

Hello Brady, am i ask what device are you using?

I am using the newest iPad Pro.

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Are you on the highest settings? Do you have background apps running?

No background apps running and I’ll have to check the settings.

Also is your device on low power mode?

No low power mode.

Does it happen on every flight?

My settings are: Rendering Resolution:high
Rendering Quality: High
Texture Quality: High
Anti Aliasing: Off

Not Every flight

have you restarted your device?

i would recomment having enough storage, close apps and do a little restart before flights. You can lower your graphics on cruise and use the “low power mode” in the app settings to keep your device from working too much

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I restart it before most if not every flight.

Ok great! My device is pretty new so I think the storage is on the good side. But I will restart it before every flight. Thanks!

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Ok this can be closed now. Thanks everyone!

You can also go in the app settings, click general, scroll down and enable the automatic low power mode


Ok, excellent!

If there’s anymore issues later don’t hesitate to make a new thread explaining the problem and don’t forget to state your device and graphics settings. If you’re done with this one you can flag it for closure.


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Op flagged for closure