Game keeps crashing

Last night, Infinite Flight was working perfectly fine. But now for some reason, every time I try to do a flight on the Training Server, Infinite Flight crashes.

yes same here!

This may be happening due to a high demand of apps on your device. Try clearing it out, or it might be that you do not have enough storage. Also please check to see if there are any updates for the app. Hope this helps.


Could you please try the following steps:

• Restart infinite flight -> before you enter “fly” make sure to go to “general” then scroll down to the bottom, press "Clear Scenery Cache’ (Make sure to press yes)

If the steps above didn’t help, try to uninstall and reinstall the app.

If the issue hasn’t been resolved, please make sure to get back on us including:

  • Device brand, model, and current operating system version. Example: iPad Air 2 iOS10, or Samsung GalaxyA7 Android 5.0

I deleted and reinstalled the app. That has worked.

Try deleting apps and photos and getting more space on your device!
Hope that will help you.