Game keeps crashing upon loading flight

So new problem, every time I load an aircraft weather it be a small Boeing or a member of the A320 family or the heavies, I get a few minutes to load a flight plan then the sound cuts out and it crashes straight to Home Screen. It is getting very annoying and any help or suggestions will be most grateful. I have done a full shutdown and deleted and redownloaded and I’m on the latest version of the app.

Hi, could you further clarify which device you have, the software it’s running and the version of infinite flight you have?


I’m on 20.02.1 hot-fix with the IPad Pro

What version of IOS? what’s your storage?

What model of the IPad Pro?

iPad Air sorry and on the pastiest version of IOS which is 12.4.9 for the device

We’re looking into reports of this issue happening for a small number of users

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