Game keeps crashing (pre MD-11 update)

Today i was trying to fly from JFK to LHR in a BAW 744, and I was about an hour out of LHR (somewhere over Ireland) and my game crashed and my phone restarted. I had the lowest possible graphics, antialiasing off, and low power mode (iPhone 6s). Is there any way to fix this or should I stop going long haul?


Have you installed the latest update?

No, but I’m not having the same update crash issue where it crashes upon opening. I was flying for a good 4 hours before it crashed

Did you make sure to Restart your Device and Clear RAM before the flight? Clear RAM by holding power button until slider appears, then hold the home button for a few seconds ;).


I did restart the device, but I did not clear RAM. Does clearing RAM do anything to the other data on your phone?

No, it just relieves stress off your device during long haul flights, try that ;).

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I’ll give that a shot, thank you

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