Game keeps crashing every flight

I’ve never had this problem before but it’s really making me mad. I was trying to fly Yesterday and my game crashed. Same with just now. I have an Ipad Pro 11inch with 256GB. I don’t understand why it’s crashing.

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Sorry to hear.
We are working on the increased crash rate that’s been noticed on iOS devices and will hopefully have something more to share on this soon.


I appreciate that. thank you!

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for the time being, should i not fly for now so my game doesn’t crash?

It may help with restarting the device before any flight, and lower things such as 3D object density and airplane count.

We’re most likely looking at a memory leak to be the root cause of the crashes (the worst kind to troubleshoot) but we’re doing our best to get it figured out asap.


I’ve been experiencing the same issue. It seems like the global server first goes offline and then the app crashes if that helps. I haven’t been able to complete a flight since the crashing started.


you know it’s weird, i did a flight from KLAX-KSEA and then KSEA-KMSP and those flights were on Tuesday. Totally fine no crashing or anything. It just started on Wednesday when I tried flying from KMSP-EHAM. Crashed at about 01:34 hours i was in the flight. Same with last night. Crashed at about 01:30hours. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.

I think there also may be some kind of pattern about when the crashes occur. I tried flying Los Angeles to Singapore twice and both of those flights crashed about 11 hours in. I also tried flying from New York to Frankfurt twice and both flights crashed about eight minutes in.

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All my troubles also started Wednesday (the 11th). Unlikely they’re fully related and that it’s just coincidence

Never been able to do a full flight much more over an hour since

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