Game keeps crashing e.g

Im crashing alot now and it just happened on an omdb-rksi right before i was going to land, its happened on several other flights too, graphics is as lowest can be atm. Is there a fix?


What device are you currently using?
All the additional information you can give us would be helpful.

I’m using an Ipad Air 2 i believe, i’ll go double check that now.

Hi there!

How much memory do you have on your device? Do you have your brightness set to low? Additionally, make sure your device is IOS 11.4 and is compatible with the recent update!

I believei have 64Gb of which 34 i;ve used. thanks for helping. :)

Do you ever restart your device before your flights? Usually that helps.

Thank you!

iPad Air 2 should be fine.

It might be advisable to check if you’re running iOS 11.4, as many users have reported a major increase in stability since upgrading to 11.4

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I would suggest to get the scenery cache deleted. An app reinstall could also help.

that’s your storage, your memory is the amount of data your processor can handle
e.g. my galaxy S8 has 4GB of memory but 64GB of storage

I see, i havent updated to IOS 11.4 yet and i dont normally restart my device. (lazy), ill try that and see if it improves, thanks :)


That would be the issue. Make sure you update to IOS 11.4 to ensure the best experience with Infinite Flight.

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