Game keep crashing after trying to change a STAR altitude

As you can see in the title, my game keeps crashing when i try to change a STAR altitude in mid air. Idk why this happens but should be fixed asap. What i do before takeoff is change the altitude but sometimes i need to change the star due to rwy change. My device have 4gb ram and i have enough gb remaining
Pls fix this problem :(

Same problem here!

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Hey Diego! What device are you running Infinite Flight on?

Xiaomi redmi note 8

Android here

I believe this is a known issue on Android devices—the devs are looking into it.

For now, your best bet is to input altitudes on the ground. If you have to change runways, choosing a different STAR shouldn’t cause any problems.

Ok cheers lol

My game crashes sometimes whenever I tune into the ILS for the runway im using at my arrival airport

So if this is a known issue why they dont fix them?

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Nice one! They probably still fixing it we don’t know…

It should be fixed by the next update. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Ok, thx i hope we get this problem solved soon 😐