Game issue

Today i was just ready to fly from london to dublin i was just about to request pushback but my full game disappeared and stopped and i returned to my home screen. Why???

Hello @Haris07 Your game probably crashed. You should lower your fps or graphics. What device do you have?

Finally, I would suggest moving this over to Support.

There is no way this isn’t game crash! I would reset iPad before every flight and be careful about apps in the background.

Luckily for you, your game crashed on pushback. If mine crashes it’s on final.

I have encountered this problem too. Simple signs that show you are going to crash are:

  • Your device getting hotter
  • Your screen/speaker is lagging
  • You have high aircraft count in one area (most common in expert)
  • An overload in ATC messages

I am using s22 ultra

Hmm but i think everything was normal

🤣hahahaha thats good it crashed earlier

Yes you are airplane count was very high ATC messages was very high

Mine always crashes when everything’s normal.

But thats not fair. If it crashes after 7 to 8 hours flight whag will be my feelings then

My old iPad crashed on final after 3-4 hr flights. Is your iPad old?

Maybe you should put everything in one post, that way you won’t get those messages saying you have to wait. Try putting this in one post:

@whyevenbothernaming, I am using S22 Ultra. @deltaoutofdca, But I think everything was normal in post 3. And that was good it crashed earlier 🤣. @CyberHugh13371, Yes you are airplane count was very high ATC messages were very high”

Even if the post looks weird.

What is your iPad version? Include its age (approx)

My old is a 8yr old iPad Pro it has 20gb left of storage
My new that doesn’t or hasn’t crashed yet is an iPad mini.

No i have samsung s22 ultra

So you have bought the iPad in 2015? I heard from Tips that you should change your iPad every 3 years. Since you have a new iPad Mini, you can transfer your cloud (including your IF) to the Mini.

I didn’t get it. It was a gift. But anyways I’m fine now!

Oh I did that already

Then use the iPad Mini instead of the old one. Maybe you can sell the old one for some money.