Game is still crashing

after reinstalling infinite flight, and lowering graphics to the lowest level and putting the game on 30 fps, my game crashes again, i have an iphone 13, and i have 95.4 GB of free space, i really need help

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Did you reduce the airplane count?

yes, i did

Did you cleared the cache?

scenery cache yes i did

Hi. Weird question but what battery percentage does this usually occur around?

i charge my phone during all my flights, so pb like 70-80% maybe 90%

Ok. I’ve noticed personally it happens more when I’m on lower battery percentages but to be fair this issue seems to happen less to me than some others and has only happened a few times, so I’m not entirely sure. Hope this can be addressed and hope you find the help you need :)

I had recently turned off the low battery mode pre 22.1 but once I came I was having game crashed so I enabled it again and I’m not having game crashed anymore. Make sure it’s the in game low battery mode not the iPhone one. I hope this fixes your issue.

tried that too and did not work

Cameron just mentioned on another support topic that they plan on releasing a hotfix later this week:

Fingers crossed this solves the issue!

HOTFIX was just released I hope it helps you out.

hello I also have this bug on my Redmi note 9s I tried to send an email to the support service of infinite flight they apparently did not answer anyone have a solution? because I can’t do a long haul and it’s really starting to annoy me to see the game shut down after 6 hours of flight

Hello and welcome to the community!

Can you please share the graphics quality that you are using at the moment? It would help us a lot when it comes to determining the possible cause of your crashes.

thank you very much, I have tested everything as a graphic setting since I have my phone I have never been able to perform a flight of more than 6 hours generally all the parameters are at full speed and the game is running at almost 60 fps but for last night and today I absolutely put everything at the lowest but the game crashed for the 2 flights which count for one about 6 hours and for the other only 2 hours out of the 11 that I had to do (i use google translate sorry for the spelling mistakes)

Have you considered lowering the frame rate limit to 30 fps, as well as enabling the in-app low power mode? Constantly having your device at 60 fps would be a lot more intense on your device, while lowering the frame rate limit to 30 when active in the app, as well as lowering the frame rate to 10 while you’re away from your device will allow it to “rest” a little more, and be less intense on your device.

I tried everything I even put my phone on ice and in front of a fan

it gives me an error message “infinite flight has stopped working” I have a screenshot that I can show you when I get home later

yes I even lowered the brightness completely but the game crashed in the middle of the sea for some reason that I don’t know

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