Game is still crashing after hot fix

Hey guys. I was just on final at LEMD on ES after a 12.5 hour flight. I was starting the Go-Around sequence because tower cleared someone for takeoff while I was on short final, I brought the gear and flaps up, then started my bank to the right, and the game crashed.

Device Info:
5 day old 2019 iPad Air 10.2 in.
IOS: 13.2

The Hotfix didn’t fix all the issues with crashing. The memory leak issue which leads to crashes is still present, and the team is working hard on the fix.


Thanks. It’s just a tad bit frustrating after all that time in the air. Hopefully this gets resolved soon.


Lower the airplane count. It’s the most likely cause for the crash here :)

My airplane count is on medium I think, let me check.

Yeah it’s on medium.

What are your other graphics settings set to?

High, High, Anti Aliasing On, Limit Frame rate On

Okay. Well that in combination with the airplane count definitely doesn’t help in this situation.

So should I turn down the graphics?

Yes. I would drop them a notch.

Okay, I’ll turn Anti-Aliasing off, and I’ll let you know if the problem persists.