Game is not loading

I was flying to HAAB when I realized that my game was glitching and loading properly…
Can anyone help me,I already tried clearing scenery cache

I see in the upper right corner you have some connection issues. It’s likely that you didn’t have a stable internet connection or no internet at all.

The scenery tiles weren’t able to load properly so the imagery will be missing. Is this still happening? Have you tried resetting your router and rebooting your device?


Yeah it’s probably just WiFi issues.

Every time I use my data plan for some reason global always has a red tick…
Is it not possible to use mobile data?

Who is your provider?

Airtel, my data plan provider is airtel

Odd, we haven’t heard of any widespread issues. I would contact them and explain the issues you experience while utilizing their service. If it’s fine with WiFi then we could isolate this issue the the cellular service. Everything else works fine on your device while on Cellular (surfing the Internet, watching YouTube, etc…) ?

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Yes,everything runs very smoothly exept infinite flight for some reason

Sorry for all of the questions. Has this always been an issue while on cellular or is this something that has surfaced recently?

Sorry for late reply,this issue is new,I didn’t face this issue before.
but I did have 1 small issue from before,I could not load the loading screen after I pressed ok if I connect to mobile data.I needed to closed the app,connect to internet and then after loading the game I needed to switch to mobile data.I could just use internet but it’s not fast enough(If i use internet I can’t control as ATC,as after 5 min pilots don’t receive my commands)

Also, your device might not have enough storage for IF so maybe delete a few things. What device do you have @Infi?

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I have a Samsung galaxy on 7 pro
2gb ram 16gb storage 2.84gb storage left
But with low graphics it can handle 40+ planes at the as place!

I had a 16gb Ipad and that wasn’t enough for IF it used to always crash.

@Luke_L - if it works on WiFi, but not on cellular… storage is not a concern. Context (:

@Infi - as Levet mentioned, the most likely cause of this is that something have changed on your cellular connection. We use a content delivery net work for scenery and in-game content (aircraft). It could be that your cellular provider are having issues towards them.

Where are you located?

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He live in India

India is big, i need a more precise location.


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What his profile says doesn’t necessarily reflects the current situation. Please allow me to talk to the user and don’t answer questions i ask him :)


Yes I live in Bangalore,India
Bangalore is a very big city more precisely,I live in a place called banashankari…so the network should be coming from a tower near by:)

It’s a bit more complicated than that :)
Our Content delivery network do not have any reported issues in your area, so i would recommend you reach out to your cellular service provider and ask if they are aware of any issues with CloudFlare for them.