Game is crashing a lot

I made a topic about my game crashing earlier but it is still the same. It is crashing when I took off from the airport and even when I spawned in I crashed. Please give me suggestions on how to fix this because it is getting annoying.

What device are you using?
What graphics settings are you using?

I am using an IPad 6th generation and my graphic setting are on high.

My IPad was able to handle them on high until these past two flights.

I do have anti analyzing on though but I am not sure what it is.

Try lowering your graphics to medium and/or turning off anti-aliasing. That might help prevent some crashes.

Ok but what does anti aliasing do

How much storage do you have left?

I have around 6 gb left

Before I only had two left and it was running just fine so I don’t understand what is going on.

Is this happening on solo or live?

On live.

[ten characters.]

So what should I do to fix it because I still don’t know.

It removes uneven borders from objects, if ON object will have a straight line if OFF, object borders look like a diagonal line drawn in paint, it is not much noticeable to mess with your IF experience. It’s better to keep it off and turn it on only when you are taking screenshots.

Ok thank you so much

Thanks so much you guys I am doing a flight right now and no crashes yayyyyyy. Thank you so much for all of the help.

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Nice job everyone!