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There is too many instances where i ATC on training server and they dont listen. Yes i know these are people with low experience but there is also people with 1 000 000 plus XP and feel the need not to listen to me sometimes. A little advice, yall should let us use the report button but not too give violations but to at least send a report to devs.

I’m sorry to hear this but unfortunately there is nothing that can be done on the training server. If you want some realism I suggest applying for the IFATC to control on the expert server.

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Grade and stats mean nothing. Also in the expert server. If you want a better ATC experience feel free to check the IFATC thread here on the IFC or on the website.

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Hey thank you i already applied but for now i am on training server

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Thank you i already applied but for now im stuck on training server

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If you want training here from IFC pilots you can create an ATC tracking thread. Basically you open a small less busy airport preferably with parallel runways.

Don’t open KLAX, EGLL or other busy airports where you can encounter many trolls who can ruin your experience.

This is a nice tutorial on how to create an ATC tracking thread:

Some great airports to open are: KFAT, LFBO, KBDL, KMLB, KRND, KBOI, PGUA, PGUM, RODN and many others.

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Thank you i will do this!

@Levi.TT, before you go off and make another tracking thread, please continue in your pre-existing thread and refrain from making a duplicate. In the case that you do make another thread, it will be closed. Please continue here :

Make sure to correctly update your title according to the state of activity (Open or Closed) and @ what airport, so, for example, if you open at Miami International Airport, your title would look like : FirstOfficerLevi’s ATC Tracking Thread - [OPEN] @ KMIA. Thanks!

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What do the devs have to do with this? Why would we report someone simply because 50% of them aren’t familiar with proper ATC communication?

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Thanks for all ur help!

As i said there are grade 5 (1000000 xp) that have the experience but choose not to listen :)

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