Game hangs, then crashes (Not my first time dealing with this issue)

I was 11 hrs into my flight and opened the world map. When I tried to close it stopped responding for a few seconds, then the game crashed. Is there anyway to actually prevent the app from restarting because I was halfway through my 21 hr flight and crashing midway annoyed me (not the first time IF on my device stopped responding and then crash scenario).

Hey there!
Sorry to hear about your issue.
Could you give us a few more details, such as :
• Device
• Device Software Version
• Infinite Flight Version
I think if we start with that, that could be helpful.
Thank you!

Same is happening to me. This may be linked to Facebook’s new privacy update that came out today that am already trying to get help with as this has happend 3 times for me today and had only happend once in the early days of Global

Device: Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017)
Device Software Version: Android 8.0.0
IF Version: 18.05.0

One more thing: This issue for me happens more when I’m doing long-haul flights (More than 10 hrs). I did set my brightness level to the lowest too. Additionally, I’ve not experienced multiple game crashes in a row, this was just a one-off issue, the previous crash was like a month ago.

Do you consistently clear cache before your flight?
I have an iPad (5th Gen) and I know they’re completely different devices, but each time before I fly, I clear cache, restart the game, and then open it back up and fly. Rinse and repeat.
Even though our devices are different, it could potentially help.
I don’t know too much about Android, but is 8.0.0 the latest version?

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I may as well ask, which service do you use to login? Google or Facebook?
If it’s Facebook, I’d strongly recommend checking out @anon2063420’s post and following it. Facebook has been having some issues so that thread could benefit you.
(Just getting all the bases covered just in case.)

18.05.0 is the latest for Android devices. 18.05.01 was only an iOS update

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Oh, okay. Thanks for clarifying!

No I don’t clear my cache for every flight. But I do once in a while. I just made sure that all other apps are closed and the only running app is IF. Set my brightness to the lowest to prevent a hot phone. Yes and I login via FB.

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Okay, that’s good.
Since you do use FB, I’d suggest checking out @anon2063420’s thread and getting help there. Since you’re both using FB and having issues, we could deduce that it’s FB’s issue. However, you can also keep this thread open so they know it’s not only one person.
Sorry I can’t be of more help.

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I’m off to bed but that should be an answer for now.
Like I said, sorry I can’t help too much with this. The devs should get around to it so then the Facebook users can actually use the app.

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Same happened with me.
Crashes mid flight

Here are some few suggestions

  1. Restart the device then delete and reinstall the app
  2. Restart the app
  3. Get rid of storage consuming stuff (Apps, Pictures and videos etc) then restart the device then delete and reinstall the app

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