Game gone slow?

Hey! I’m currently 9hrs into a flight and now my game seems to be running very slow? It was fine once I took off and I don’t want to restart my game. Thanks!


To be able to help you, we need to know more information, such as device, software,…

Did you leave your graphics settings on max during the whole flight?

Right, I have an iPhone 6s on IOS 11 and yes, I have left my graphics on max the whole flight. I’ve never had this problem before.

Did you reboot your device before starting the flight?

Also, it is recommended to set your graphics-settings to minimum during long flights, you won’t be looking at the scenery the whole time.

Nope, didn’t reboot my device. All graphics are at bottom too now.

Always reboot your device before starting a flight, especially a long one.
What you can do now is leaving the graphics-settings on minimum until you start your approach. It should run a bit smoother after letting your device “rest” and not using it’s full performance for some time.

Should this improve it by the time I land? and thanks too.

It should improve it, yes.