Game going very slowly

Does anti alising have an affect on the game it’s buffers a lot at the moment

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Anti Aliasing will have some effect on rendering performance, but chances are if the simulator is stuttering, you’ll have more luck lowering either the rendering quality or rendering resolution. Try reducing your graphics, see if that helps.

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i think that it is the anti alising because it’s never done thus before when it’s hasn’t been turnt off or on

Well, why don’t you perhaps try turning it off and see if it makes a difference?

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Hey! You asked about this in a previous topic!

Try and keep your questions on one topic rather than many more! Then we can answer all your questions in one place!

@Kirito_77 has the golden point!

ok thank you

it wa s because i had low power mode on lol

Glad you figured it out

Figured out