Game glitches out as soon as I start a flight

I was starting a flight today 4 times and every time I load in it just freezes and the game crashes can someone help

Can you help by providing some details?

  • Device
  • Live or Solo
  • Which plane
  • What are your graphics settings?
  • Have you updated to the latest version of Infinite Flight?

Thanks for the reply I’m on an iPhone 6 with the latest edition downloaded , on live server with a CRJ-700 and I’ve high graphics

When you spawn in, is there a lot of traffic? And did this start happening after 19.1?

Let’s start with taking the graphics down a notch :)
Running the iPhone 6 on high is not recommended and is a bit too much for the device to handle.

So, take the graphics down to medium, restart your device and give it another shot!


Thanks for the reply that worked really well