Game glitched when I went to change weather and got this

This isn’t the first time that it’s happened, and everything goes back to normal once I leave it. Is this a part of global? Or something from the past? Just wondering why it happens.


What device are you running, version and type.

If it is old it’s probably to do with that

Yo. Please list your device, OS and app version.
Thanks :)

Eventually try and close and restart the app.

Infinite Flight has weird glitches sometimes. Restart your device and refresh the app ;)

Doesn’t appear that your app is up to date. Have a look here.


Looks like a super old version of Infinite Flight, Have you updated IF?


iPhone 5S. It’s Updated to the latest version. Happens only when I’m playing live.

You sure you are on the latest version of Infinite Flight?

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100% sure. Been playing this for a while