Game frozen

My flight has frozen, it’s been sitting on the same screen for at least 20 mins, I’ve tried just tapping on the screen to see if it would come back, tried unplugging the charger and plugging it in again, is there anything else I can try or should I just give up and start again??


What device are you using?

And for the solution: You have to restart the app. It happened to my old phone, it will stay frozen, no matter how long you wait.

I’m using iPad mini 4

Whenever it’s frozen for me before it’s only every lasted like 10 seconds or something

Well, you said that it has been like that for 20 minutes, tapping on the screen won’t help. Make sure to restart your device before every flight to avoid these issues. If it happens more often, PM me.

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Ok Thankyou I will :)