Game frozed, can't do anything

While landing the plane, everything suddenly froze. I just tried starting my device and the App, the same thing happened when I tried to take a new flight. (Menu just works perfectly fine)

Infinite Flight - 24.1.1 (7342)
B5060E7C -
Samsung SM-A245F

Hello @A-4N_SkyhawkMKII, sorry you experienced this. Infinite Flight has a Support FAQ which includes performance recommendations for you to have the best experience. You may have to lower some of your in-app settings for the best performance and ensure you have enough storage available for in-app content. Also, you need to maintain a strong internet connection since scenery and aircraft are streamed. If the app is still frozen, it’s best to back out of the app, and reboot your device. Hope these tips help out!

Thanks for your answer, I solved the problem by deleting the game and downloading it again.

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