Game froze

So I really hope either I can possibly get the xp added to my account because after a nice flight and a decently long one as I was approaching my airport the game froze. Not to happy about that but I understand if there isn’t a way to add that lost xp. I took a screen shot but I also understand it won’t show much. Any help or answer from someone that could possibly do something is appreciated.

When any app freezes up after extended periods of use, it is usually because the device just ran out of operating resources or the network connection failed. Best way to avoid this is to do a fresh device power restart before starting any apps. Depending on the device lowering some graphics settings may also help. Avoid using Celular data networks and select a strong WiFi when ever possible.

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What aircraft type is that ? @MISFIT

That was the 747 Air Force one can’t remember it’s actual name