Game Froze (After a phone call)

I was flying, a short flight. I was on a long approach. Then my screen froze. I tried everything I could to get it back to life. I didn’t want to refresh because I didn’t want to loose my progress. I eventually refereshed. And I went from a grade 3 to a grade 1. I can see why because I had auto pilot off… Is it possible if I can get to grade 3 soon? I want to attend upcoming events of the TBM :)!
Device: iPad Air 2

Could you check your logbook to see what caused the grade drop?


Over speeding.

Hello! First of all, let’s see what caused your screen to freeze because that shouldn’t be happening… Did you leave the app at all in-Flight?

Someone was calling me during this flight, maybe that’s why.

Yes, that would most likely be the issue here… Until Infinite Flight fully supports pausing your flight when on a phone call, I would suggest turning airplane mode on so you lose cellular connection and won’t receive phone calls. You will still be able to use Wi-Fi, you will just have to turn it on manually in settings. Now with your violations, I’m afraid they aren’t able to be reversed in this situation. Cheers

Thank you so much :) do you know if I could get back to a grade 3 today? Instead of waiting for a week?

Unfortunately, in these situations, I’m afraid violations can’t be reversed. You will have to wait one week. If you would like more information about it, don’t hesitate to contact a moderator here on the forum.

It is a duplicate unfortunately but it’s ok. Always remember to check before you post


Special thanks to @Brandon_K for going the extra mile to help answer a question for the thread, rather than searching for a support thread that’s a duplicate. Brandon is the real MVP


True! Lol. He is the real MVP.

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