Game freezing

Ipad 9th generation:
I bought an Ipad 9th gen 256GB 3 weeks ago and i am having issues of freezing. Its the second time this happened so i bought the issue here. Whenever i do a long haul above 10 hours my game freezes just after a few hours and i don’t know about it because i am asleep. And when the low power mode is on the game is automatically disconnected from the live server and when i touch the screen it takes some time and comes back to the live server

Hey, has your Apple device been updated to the latest IOS version?

Has putting all graphics settings on low worked?

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When you say that the app freezes while you’re asleep, does it crash as well, or pause the sim?

It does not crash it just freezes and i touch everywhere nothing happens unless i press the home button and the game completely closes

Yes, its updated to the latest 15.5. Graphics is on high because its a new device and should be able to handle this pretty well. And no i haven’t tried it on low settings.

You activate the APU ? Clear cache ? And reinstall game ?

It is quite possible that Notifications are freezing Infinite Flight. You could try enabling Do Not Disturb before you head off to sleep during a long haul.

Go to Settings → Focus → Enable Do Not Disturb

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These aren’t relevant to what the user is reporting, reinstalling the app should be a last resort option. In this case, the device is probably getting notifications forced from the device itself, hence the pausing of the IF sessions.


Probably. Will try this if it doesn’t work will get back to you.


Since its Apple device, “Guided Acess” works well too! It stops the unwanted notification.

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It might also be worth checking that you don’t have any pending iPad OS updates and that your device is backed up as sometimes these reminder interruptions appear even if do not disturb is turned on.

Thanks. It worked just completed a 15 hr long flight.

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Yeah probably should turn this on.

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