Game Freezing


Recently I have had a few sessions where my screen just froze. It still had audio on, and it reconnects after a few seconds and everything went back to normal.

However, during a replay session, it just froze and did not resume like usual which prompted me to start this thread. I had to close IF and restart it to get it to work properly again.

My biggest concern now is will the same thing happen to a live flight (freezing and just stucks there)? And what is causing it and any way to stop freezing during flights?

My WiFi was good.


Having the same issue. Best I can give you is to restart your device prior to every flight.

But I do that everyday when I go to sleep…

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That only applies to crashing if I’m not wrong.

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Okay then probably a game glitch

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It’s not a glitch. It’s the application freezing.

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Did you try deleting the app and downloading it again?

Maybe I’ll try that.

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This will delete all your replays.

Never mind then

That’s fine though I don’t have any replay to save now.


I had the exact same issue recently and after long hours of trying to get it fixed, I found out that the issue was due to bad internet connection. Please don’t reinstall the app or anything as this didn’t help me either. These are the steps I took to fix this:

  • Try sitting closer to your modem to improve your internet connection
  • Reset your router
  • Install a VPN as this will improve your internet connection in some instances

Hope this helps!

Well I think this works best. Thanks!

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It is your device because I have a Potato iPad and I always freezes like that. And

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