Game Freezing

Yes but the freezes still happen on the ground when taxiing so even if I did it during cruise, i would still get freezes on the ground

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Alright, I’m literally running out of ideas for solutions and questions to help by this point so I’ll leave it to someone else with more experience and knowledge to help you solve this, one of them being @schyllberg (since I tagged his name he will come soon).

lol all good thanks for your help

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Update: after 15 minutes it finally unfroze

I would say this is connection/device related. Probably the former.
Have you tried a different connection source? Or perhaps Solo?


I have tried my phones hotspot and still got the same issue. I’ll try a flight on solo and see what happens.

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About 20 minutes into a solo flight now and no issues apart from ‘Slow Response Time for some calls to the Live API System’. Should I just reset my router and do those sorts of things…?

Slow API is nothing alarming.

Yes, that might be an idea actually.

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Alright I’ll do that and see how it goes.
Global Server also went red for a minute or two

I forgot to mention, I am using a wifi range extender. could that have anything to do with these network issues?

It could, yes. But it’s super hard to tell. You said you had the same when tethering your phone, right?

I believe so, yes.

I’m about 11 hours into a long haul and no freezes. Seems to be fixed.

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Still got the same issues today while controlling and flying

reset my whole ipad and wifi… no fix

I’ve read through the replies and everything that would normally solve the issue has already been suggested. I used to (and still occasionally do) get the freeze you’re describing. In our halls of residence, there is a WiFi filter which, for some reason, messes up with IF’s navigation and terrain updates (it just doesn’t download them) which may be causing the freezes that I’ve experienced. Can you try using a VPN and seeing if that helps (both on WiFi and hotspot)? It may be that your router/provider has parental options on which may block some packages from being received. A VPN solves the issue in my halls so it may help you too. I know this really is an unorthodox solution I am suggesting, but if you can please do try it.


I’ve done a short spotting session and no freezes, thanks! Please keep the thread open mods just in case I do get it again like last time.

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Not a problem, Tim! If my solution works for you in the long run, can you please update me on this thread (or, if closed, a PM) so I know it works in the long run? This will allow me to suggest it to those in the future who may be experiecing this same issue. Take care :)

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