Game Freezing

I keep having the same problem of IF Freezing. I taxi and depart, everything going swell. I reach cruising altitude and decide to plug my phone in while I go eat dinner. The second I plug my phone in the game freezes. Has happened multiple times. I have restarted device, cleared cache, and uninstall. Anyone know why this is happening? I would like to add this hasn’t happened in past and my phone has been great at running IF. Probably the best device to use. Thanks for any help!

Maybe lower graphics question mark?

I don’t think that is the problem. Game runs fine on all settings. It’s specifically when my charger is in my phone.

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This happens with me a lot. You simply need to make sure you have charged your phone and then turn it on low power mode. However, this only works for short-medium haul flights. I would try turning off low power mode while plugged in. If it continues to happen, contact a staff member. And stated above, lower your graphics and kill any background apps as that is known to cause problems on devices that have trouble handling it. Tell me if it works.


Ooh. I never thought about that. I constantly run Low Battery Mode and when I plug in phone while it is still on that it has given me troubles on other apps. I will make sure to turn that off next time.

Alrighty. I would test it and see, if it fails to work, contact me and we can sort it out. Alright mods, if needed go ahead and close this.

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