Game freezing everytime i send a atc command

hello everyone, when i tried to do a flight today, when i tried to communicate to atc, my game freezed and then crashed 10-15 secs later. this started today, and i do have the latest version of if, i even have the 20.3 hotfix, is anyone experiencing this issue?

i am using a iphone 11 with the latest version of ios

steps taken to fixed this problem:

reinstalled infinite flight
cleared scenery cache
cleared my phone’s ram

We have all experienced that same problem today, be patient, you are investigating and solving the problem.

Until I read your post I understand what is happening. Is the same for me. Look my photo the arc instructions is not work properly and after that the game is freezing.

I hope you can solve this soon guys.

Refer to this post. Known issue around the board.