Game freezes out when trying to buy live subscription

Hello, I bought Infinite Flight a couple months back and have ran into the same problem every time. I have an IPhone X and every time I try to purchase the live subscription and even different planes my screen freezes out and it will not let me purchase anything… I’ve tried numerous amounts of time signing out and re-signing back into my Apple ID account and even deleted and reinstalled Infinite Flight a bunch of times… Can someone help?

Try restarting your device.

Is your software up to date? Or is your app version up to date?


Hi, just to start fresh please do the following:

  • Close Infinite Flight
  • Force Close all background apps
  • Reset your router
  • Reboot and Relaunch Infinite Flight and try again thereafter.

Make sure your OS is up to date and if that doesn’t work try resetting your devices network settings.

Device Settings > General > Reset > Network Settings

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My games is up to date… but I will update my phone right now…

Ok sounds good! Sorry if it doesn’t work.

I already said that…🤷‍♂️(The iOS part)

I’m sorry I will delete my comment then. I’m kinda new to helping out in support. My apologies.

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What it’s fine. Just a jokeful comment. But if someone says it then might not want to put it as yours. But you don’t have to delete you comment. It’s all good!😉😁

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Ok I have just down everything you said to do, but I still get stuck on the “please wait” screen…

Can you try another internet connection? And just to verify, you aren’t using a VPN correct?

I cannot try any other WiFi connections currently, and I am not using a VPN.

Okay, if nothing else has worked try using a VPN then.

Dang I just tried using the VPN… still nothing, I am planning on going to the sprint store in a couple of days…

Ok I just tried it… still nothing, but I am planning on going to the sprint store in a couple of days to see if they can help me! It’s probably my phone not the app… it’s not letting me buy and in-app purchases…

Oh okay, can you go into your settings and make sure in-app purchases aren’t restricted.

Yes I have already, it is not restricted

Good, can you close Infinite Flight. Open up iTunes from your device. If you are logged into iTunes simply sign out, restart your device then relaunch iTunes and sign back in. After this try relaunching Infinite Flight and make a subscription purchase.

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