Game freezes after 6 hours (Descend to Landing only)

I think this is very specific, while im done trying 4-5 hours flight succesfully land without freezes… once i do 6 hours of flight time game freezes on nearly final until Landed. The Aircraft i use is A330-300. The possible sign if the freezes is about to happen is when I always be in the cockpit camera when I land, it will be an odd situation where this time the sky is flashing like black

And now, im about to do another test for this issue on 9 hours flight Moscow to Narita route, and Let me see what they do on descend to landing phase.

Sometimes the obvious works:
Have you ensured you have cleared your memory before every flight, by closing all background applications and performing a restart? IF running for that long is going to take a hit on your device’s memory.
Do you have sufficient storage space left over for IF to stream scenery and record replays? IF recommends at least 1GB but try to have more to be safe.
What settings are you running IF on? If you are keeping it at max for several hours your device is likely to overheat and crash as you said. I recommend turning all settings to minimum and enabling low power mode. You can always turn them back up before you land.
Have you enabled do not disturb? Notifications can cause IF to go in the background for a while and really mess with your connection. Ensure you have them all disabled before you start your flight.
I hope some of this helps!


Are the airports busy when app crash?

Check out this:

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Im gonna answer @8SmartFlying question:

Yes, I’ve Always but let me be a little honest sometimes I forget to restart it. We’ll see on my 9 hours test today

It’s enough, I have around 11GB left… While im now still deleting and searching unused app to add more spaces

All set Low (Let me little honest for you, My Textures is on High for everything, is this fine?)

Currently no, I use the default game mode on to block notif , my cell phone, there is a notification and call blocker as well


No, The airport was totally empty :)

Hope someone can find the solution because this is very specific for me :)

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Hmm, a bit stumped on this one, I’m going to let someone more qualified than me to answer. In the meantime, giving them some extra info may help, such as your device model, running software, IF version.

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For reference, a topic has been posted about this issue earlier on by the same user:


Yes, I understood before, … but the problem repeats itself but it is more strange and very specific, sir, for example, I fly less than 4 hours so it will go smoothly. However, once I descend and prepare to land after 6 hours (Probably would still happen more than 6hrs) at any height I am surprised by this freeze.


Well guys, while you all enjoying the newest A350 update, im now still stuck with my problem here, i lost my 8 hours 39 minutes while im descending to RJAA with B773. I have restarted and all set Low. Also, simple step like Device restart and, Lower airplane count etc… Still didn’t work. While my network was totally fine, this must be a strange bug on my device (probably). Im stunted. I expect experts are reading this :)

Another update:
Just finished 5 hours 37 minutes flight (at least its close to 6) without any freezes (slight happen on final but was very short, like less than a second i think).
Im wondering does the 19.4 update fixes this problem? Or just my lucky chance😒that might still happen later. Well, i will post next update after i do another test with longer duration.

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