Game freeze

Me trying to do a flight:

Infinite flight 5 minutes after takeoff:

My game froze and I was not able to resume the flight. This happens every month, even though it should never happen. I was connected to wifi and had Spotify running in the background.
iPad 8th generation
iPadOS 17.5.1


It happened to me before too, something you can do before starting the flight is to clear the cache within the application, restart the iPadIt is also a good option.

Since you use Spotify in the background I don’t think that’s the problem, it should run normal.

I’m having the same problem, my game is normal up to about 10,000 feet, then the FPS starts to drop LOL, when I drop below FL100 the FPS returns to normal💀

Been having a similar issue, though my issue is the opposite, I am fine at altitude but under 10,000 feet I get lag and it will freeze up.

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LOL, I’m sure it’s not my cell phone, because I use heavier things with ULTRA graphics, I hope they pay attention to this, if you can solve it please let me know.

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Only reason I can think of my issue is due to high traffic around airports. Can’t fly to or from Heathrow, or land ad some other high traffic airports on expert , training or casual server, have to use solo mode. For me I have a low end tablet from Walmart, looking at getting something better. Will keep this tablet to interact on the forms on group flights and such.

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