Game freeze

Hello! My game is frozen right before the descent of a 3 hour flight. I wasn’t connected to WiFi for a while because I was in the car, but once I connected again it froze. Keep in mind that the game wasn’t frozen when i was off WiFi. Is there a way I can fix it without ending my flight?

Hey there! Do you have sufficient storage on your device? If not, it may be a device-storage issue.

I only have 4 Gb left, but that’s still enough to work. I just deleted some storage

But the weird thing is that it was just working 30 mins ago.

I deleted some, now I have 57 GB/64

Roger. So essentially, you currently have a flight running but it’s frozen?

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That happened to me before but unfortunately it just crashes after a certain amount of time :(. Maybe if you can go into settings and clear scenery cache to hopefully make the app work more efficiently that might work?

It’s not frozen now, but very unresponsive. I click a button and it works after like 15 seconds.

Never mind the app just crashed.

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Yup, that’s what I thought would happen lol. I hope this doesn’t cause too much of an inconvenience for you. Have an amazing day mate! Cheers!