Game force closes at the start

and i bought this phone just half a year ago

No. Wiping cache partition is basically the same as clearing cache for other apps. This method just clears the cache for your whole operating system and it won’t affect your warranty.

I’ve already done it myself and my phone is also branded. Nothing to worry about. :)

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thanks a lot… but i need to wipe the partition of the operating system. am i right?

i mean… only the operating system?

i’ve done what you said… but it didn’t work

Then do what Levet and Kirito said (factory reset your device). Don’t forget to backup and secure your files/data!

Can I point out quickly, you suggest this for a lot of devices.
On most, to activate any kind of bootloader you must therefore have your bootloader unlocked.
The easiest way to clear the cache, is to go
Settings → storage → cache → clear cache
Again, not foolproof, but still more common than an unlocked bootloader 😉

That one clears all the app cached data, not the system caches. However, this is not the place to talk about it pal, take it to a PM if you want to discuss it further. ;)