Game Error

Device: Galaxy S10+
Operating system:Android 12

Good day to all, I have problems with entering the game, a black screen or a game icon always appears, rarely when I can start it, but if I can, then the game freezes when I turn it on. Today the game crashed at the final. I deleted it, rebooted and installed it again and everything is even. I don’t know what to do with other games. On the galaxy s9+, the game flew and there were never any crashes. Is it a phone problem or is anyone else having the same problem?

Hello there!

Terribly sorry to hear you are experiencing such devastating problems with the app. App crashes are, unfortunately, common nowadays, so any bit of information related to the issue can be beneficial towards resolving those. I have to ask you a few questions before proceeding further, in order to provide the most helpful suggestions towards resolving the issues you are facing.

First of all, are you consistently experiencing any app crashes on apps other than Infinite Flight on your Samsung Galaxy S10+? If yes, then the issue is most probably with Android, rather than Infinite Flight.

Second, have you checked for any further updates for your S10+? Since the latest Android version is Android 12 and no further major version is currently available, those would be fixes to the current version, such as security patches, bug fixes, etc. A follow-up to that, what Android version is currently installed on your S9+?

I don’t want to jump to any conclusions straight away, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it could be down to the Android version difference - that could be the root of the problem.

No, there are no such problems with other applications on s10+. I manually checked the updates and there is the latest version of Android 12 from May 1, 2022, so far it is the most up-to-date. As for the s9+, I have no problems with it, the game is stable and there have never been any errors. There may be files that prevent the normal operation of Infinite Flight.

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