Game don’t let me take next Grade.

I have a problem. Game don’t let me take next grade. I have 74 landings,94 violations,210504 hours of flight. Please help!

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That’s because your landings/violations ratio is too high. It is the last thing in your grade table. Your violations/landings ratio needs to be at least the same, for example, 94 violations / 94 landings.


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To access Grade 2 and ultimately have access to the Training Server, you need to have a 1:1 ratio of landings:violations.

So you need a total of 94 landings to match your 94 violations which means you need to acquire 21 more landings to achieve Grade 2 and the Training Server (provided you don’t acquire any more violations)

@EK773 you can ignore this part 👇👇👇

@Chatta290 the 2:1 ratio of landings:violations is for Grade 3 and accessing the Expert Server. He’s trying to accomplish Grade 2 and have access to the Training Server!

Glad I could be of some help and of course…


BennyBoy (Captain BennyBoy)

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